Wynndel Box and Lumber (WynnWood) Marks Landmark Anniversary

B.C.'s oldest family-owned lumber mill marks 100 years in the Kootenay Valley. Wynndel Box and Lumber Co. Ltd. is celebrating [...]

From Movie Sets to Our High Quality Boards: WynnWood Creates a Niche Market and Drives the Local Economy

The next time Michael Combs watches Johnny Depp leap from a table or bash another buccaneer with a chair during [...]

Working with Nature Conservancy of Canada preserving the Frog – Bear Corridor

It will now be easier for a threatened population of southeastern British Columbia grizzly bears to find new mates with [...]

A Century Behind Them. One Hundred Years of Business Done, Wynndel Box and Lumber (Now WynnWood) has a Limitless Future Ahead

One hundred years of business done, Wynndel Box & Lumber has a limitless future ahead Earlier this year, Wynndel Box [...]

Investing Over 20 Million Dollars, WBL (now WynnWood) Walks Confidently Into the Future

A straight board foot to the future July 2011 by Dan Williams-Kootenay Business Investing over 20 million dollars over the [...]

Installing the Dehumidifier Kilns

In 2010 we added 2 state-of-the art, energy efficient Dry Humidification Kilns to give us precision control over drying for [...]