WynnWood Boards

One of the keys to our high quality WynnWood boards begins with some of the best fibre in the world that grows in our back yard. We are located in southeastern British Columbia in the Kootenay region which is well known for its rich soils and ideal growing climate.

We mainly utilize Pine and Spruce species, commonly known as white wood in the industry. We do not produce dimensional lumber, we manufacture a specialty board that takes much more care to process with our advanced technology. We pride ourselves that we are using this precious white wood for it’s best and highest use. You will find our boards in furniture, siding, fascia, fine woodworking, windows and doors finishing, anywhere a high quality wane free board is needed.

Our high quality lumber is slow dried in one of our state of the art dry humidification kilns producing an extremely stable board. The end product is a high quality, cut, dried and stabilized wood product with a longer shelf life as a result of less moisture content in the wood.

WynnWood also has one of the finest board finishing lines in the world utilizing a SuperThunder Mac moulder, resulting in one of the smoothest, near sanded finishes in the industry that are micro-ease edged on all four sides. Then the boards are pulled to length and packaged in either third pack or full pack size and wrapped and packaged without a face stamp. A wax end shield (WynnShield) is applied to help preserve the integrity of the board. Our paper wrap is of the highest quality and is tab stapled to protect against handling and weather.

We produce 4 different grades so our Customers can choose one to suit their needs. All our boards meet or exceed the NLGA grade rule.

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