Specialty Products

WynnWood produces a line of specialty products that include Premium Fascia and Premium Fencing. We also have a state of the art facility that does vacuum Priming. Our Studio Select is used mostly in making movie sets. These products are among the worlds best.

WynnWood 1×3 Studio-Select

This lightweight lumber known as Studio Select is a 1x3s inch specialty product that is mainly used in the movie set world to build props, such as the “Pirates of the Caribbean.” It was also used in Sochi, Russia during the recent Winter Olympics.

Boards used for this type of construction must be strong, lightweight with crisp but eased edges for handling. These high end boards have excellent lateral stability with no large knots that might compromise strength.

WynnWood Studio Select comes in 8’ to 16’ boards and are sub-bundled in minor bundles 10 pieces/package then bundled in large bundles of 720 pieces.


WynnWood S1S2E Premium Fascia

This WynnWood product is exterior grade ideal for siding applications. It is a 7/8” thick product that has 3 smooth edges and a unique rough sawn textured face for a beautiful rustic appearance showcasing the wood grain texture. Each piece has been kiln dried and conditioned to be completely stable. This product is spectacular.

WynnWood S1S2E Premium Fascia is available in sizes ranging from 6”-12” width and 8’-16’ length.

WynnWood Priming

With our addition of a new acrylic emulsion vacuum priming and pre-finishing facility, we are able to offer an incredible pre-finished product. In this integrated system the boards are fed into a vacuum unit which has a slightly larger template than the profile of each type of product. A suction system controls the depth of the paint coverage, usually from 2.5 to 3 milliliters of a Fargo 2000 acrylic co-polymer resin giving the wood a low sheen finish.

Then the thermally activated resin in the primer is set using an infrared gas dryer, with temperatures up to 1,500 degrees fahrenheit.   This process has allowed us to turn out a pre-finished product that is already primed that resists mildew, accepts latex and oil top coats and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

WynnWood Priming is available on request.


WynnWood Premium Fence

WynnWood Premium Fence is a 1×6 by 6′ long board hand picked for fencing and is among the highest quality in the marketplace today.  Our fence boards are kiln dried to a target of 12-15% moisture and are given time to equalize before planing producing a stable, wane free board.

WynnWood Premium Fence boards are packaged in 378 piece bundles. They are end stamped “Premium Fence.”