Reforestation is the process of establishing new forests following harvest, fire, insect/disease infestations. WynnWood will plant ecologically appropriate trees to maximize the success for achieving a free growing forest on disturbed sites.

WynnWood plants 2.5 trees for every tree harvested

WynnWood implements a silviculture treatment regime for specific site types that include;

  • Post harvest site assessment
  • If necessary, preparation of site for planting (increasing available microsites for trees) and reducing hazards (risk of fire, insect and disease)
  • Planting ecologically acceptable tree species from approved seed sources that are grown at forest tree nurseries
  • Monitoring the survival and establishment of planted and naturally regenerated trees
  • Implementing manual brushing/vegetation control treatments to maximize survival and establishment of trees
  • Carry out fill planting to boost the areas with insufficient trees
  • Assessments to determine if site meets reforestation standards and achieves free to grow status

At WynnWood, our focus is to make every effort practical to achieve a “free growing status” and protection of these new forests to maturity to benefit future generations.